Name the top places in the world you would love to see and photograph. If INDIA, ICELAND, and BANFF aren’t somewhere on your list, you didn’t think long enough!

The photo workshops I teach are perfect for any photographer whether beginner or advanced. I do not expect participants to start at the level of a National Geographic photographer, but when you leave, you will feel like one! I firmly believe that it’s my job to get every workshop participant to the point where shooting is fun and using your camera becomes effortless. I am very good at seeing life in new and unusual ways, and I have learned over the years how to impart that talent to others. You will finish my workshop with a vastly different way of seeing, a new energy for the art of photography, and plenty of inspiration to carry over in your future shooting adventures! You can be assured that during the workshop that I will be right there with you, ready to answer questions, offer technical advice, and suggest different artistic approaches. I am not on these workshops to do my own photography. I have had 30 years in some of the world’s most beautiful places to do just that, and now I believe it’s your turn! Also, the day is not over when the sun sets: the evenings will be devoted to a detailed critique of your images, working out technical bugs and offering ideas that will boost your photographs to a higher level.




This all new photo tour and workshop takes you to one of the world’s greatest countries, INDIA! Be assured we will travel in style and comfort, with accompaniment by a guide and interpreter, while experiencing all the adventure and excitement of India’s grandest, most legendary highlights. Our tour will begin in Old Delhi in what once was called Shanjahanabad, the 17th century capital of a Mughal emperor, and is now the center of Delhi’s most captivating and chaotic street scenes. From there we will visit the city of Varanasi, on the epic Ganges River, Mecca for India’s Hindu population, where we will photograph an unparalleled human drama.

Next, we are off to Udaipur, where historic temples reflect in Lake Pichola and the markets bustles with Rajasthani artisans, well-known for their exquisitely crafted pieces of jewelry and other regional treasures. Next we travel to the beautiful Blue City in Jodhpur’s Old Town, and from there to Jaipur, famous as the Pink City. Another major attraction here is the Amber Fort, a dramatic hilltop fortress-palace.

Two of the tour’s best highlights are next on our agenda. First we set our sights on Agra, home for the lavish Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We will have plenty of opportunities to photograph this jewel of Muslim art in the best light possible! Our next, and final stop brings us to the city of Virindavan, where we will celebrate and photograph the Festival of Holi. This ancient Hindu celebration of love and rebirth is the most vibrant and colorful of all of the major Indian festivals, offering an unparalleled photographic opportunity.

We will return to Delhi, for a farewell dinner and slide show of the participants’ best photographs. Travel departures are on the following day. If you enjoy landscape, people, culture, architectural, or street photography, then this is the workshop for you!

For more information about this workshop, contact me at (717) 377-6721 or

Please visit the India Workshop page on my site for detailed information on prices.



Are you ready for an adventure? Do you want to photograph Florida the way it once looked? Grab your camera and immerse yourself in some of Florida’s still remaining wild and rustic locations. These photography workshops are led by National Geographic photographer Raymond Gehman and conservation photographer Greg Matthews. Come out with these experienced photographers who have already scouted the areas. Let them take you to the best spots at the best times to explore the true wild Florida.

Raymond and Greg’s purpose is not only to transport you to these wild places but also to guide and teach you on your photographic journey. Between the two of them, Raymond and Greg have decades of experience and are well versed in most major camera brands (Nikon, Canon, etc.). They are also extremely knowledgeable about all manner of photographic techniques including HDR (high dynamic range), photostitching/panoramas, night photography, long exposures, flash, and tilt/shift, among others. Subjects on these photo workshops will range from macro imagery to epic landscapes to wildlife encounters.

Some of the Wild Florida Photo Workshops will be followed by a detailed, group critique of the photographs after there has been an opportunity to edit the images.

Contact me at (717) 377-6721 or for more information about registering.

Please visit the Wild Florida Workshops page on my site for detailed information on workshops and prices.



MAY 23-29, 2016

Prefer staring up at 21,163 ft, snow-covered peaks in Bolivia? A series of stunningly colored canyons extend out from La Paz while the Altiplano overlooks the spectacle. We head to the jewel of the Andes and Inca birthplace – sacred Lake Titicaca. We visit Copacabana and Isla Del Sol where cool morning blues turn into sun-drenched afternoons and colorful sunsets. We will photograph the simple life that has been there for centuries. The extreme variety of terrain, vistas, climates and a huge smorgasbord of people make this photo safari a regional tour-de-force.

Contact me at (717) 377-6721 or, and please visit the website of professional photo tour coordinator Sergio Ballivian at


JUNE 4-11, 2016

How about Italy? Join me for this exquisite exploration of the stunning Tuscan-sunned countryside, and the art-steeped towns. This week-long Terra workshop will immerse you in the local people, art, architecture, and nature of the Chianti hills. It will emphasize the landscape and rural life, and the world-renowned art of Florence. Local Village markets and famous wineries will not be ignored! We will be housed at a beautifully restored ex-monastery that dates back to 1203 AD, the Tuscan Renaissance Center. Here we will have our breakfast and dinner meals plus evening lessons and critiques.

Contact me at (717) 377-6721 or, and visit the website of Il Chiostro: Arts, Culture, and Culinary Workshops Across Italy at


JUNE 28 – JULY 6, 2016

Prefer cooler summer temperatures and wide-open skies? Ever photographed the good light at 2 am? You need a six-day visit to Iceland! From a small fishing village in southeast Iceland that features spectacular black beaches and a dominating white glacier to the famous Geysir and waterfall regions, and on to the Blue Lagoon and the lava fields, this workshop will focus on the stunning natural wonders of this Nordic island country. Emphasis is on landscape and nature photography, but capturing memorable moments of the people and the towns will also be on the agenda. You will be on top of the world when you see the clarity and beauty of the images you take in this pristine paradise.

Contact me at (717) 377-6721 or, or Tim Vollmer at


August 13-17, 2016

Prefer North America? No problem. I will be making my way to the Canadian Rockies for a five-day horseback and wilderness lodge adventure. Leaving from beautiful Banff and riding to the Banff Sundance Lodge via the glacier-fed waters of the Bow River, Healy and Brewster Creeks, this photographic workshop will travel along the historic Strom Pack Trail with the rugged Sundance Range dominating the horizon. Riders then mount up with cameras ready for the ride through Allenby Pass, for many the highlight of the trip because the climb takes us up to 8100 feet! Each night you will stay in a cozy lodge, featuring the most luxurious accommodations and the most scenic porches in the Park!

Contact me at (717) 377-6721 or for more information about registering, and please visit the website of the folks coordinating the workshop at Banff Trail Riders.

Please visit the Banff Workshop page on my site for detailed information on prices.

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